If you are looking to have a text translated from English into Dutch, you will probably want someone who can speak both languages fluently. The immense popularity of English in The Netherlands is still on the rise, with some universities teaching in English and words like "slogan", "interview" and "assessment" having become part of the common Dutch vernacular. This development is one of the reasons why you can find many providers of translation services online, quite often with a seemingly inexpensive rate. But are they what you need?

The biggest challenge for any translator is knowing where to find the right information. It is precisely because of this that not every person who is bilingual, is automatically a translator. Every language has its own peculiarities and finesses. Knowledge of the target and source language is only the beginning, acknowledging that any translation can be no more than an attempt to reproduce the original text is the destination. Specialization, in our case in IT, is a key factor in this process.

We feel that a translation is not complete, until it can fulfill the same function as the original. When we deliver a translation, you can rest assured that the quality is good, that it is free from spelling errors and that the right terminology has been used.


Jan van der Molen, founder of TaalKundig.net, is a trained translator and has worked as a software tester in the past. Thanks to his unique combination of skills and experience, he is a much sought after translator and proofreader.